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★★★★★ Not so long ago, a famous model admitted that she shaves her face several times a week. She claimed that this action exfoliates perfectly keratinized cells and .... READ MORE

★★★★★ At first, of course, it seemed like some kind of nonsense, a joke, but a friend convincingly said that face-shaving helps remove scars, which became an urgent need for me. Thoughts about laser resurfacing of the face began to creep into my head, but looking at the experience of other women, I tried it! ..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Dermaplaning is a super-efficient cosmetic procedure during which a doctor or plastic surgeon uses a sharp scalpel to gently remove dead skin cells and fuzz from the surface of the skin on the face. Why do you need dermaplaning?.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Even in the case of the best skin care procedures, there comes a moment when the “honeymoon” phase ends, and your tried-and-tested care options no longer give the results you are used to. Sometimes this means that you need to choose a new gel for washing, a more active ....  READ MORE

★★★★★ The idea that constant shaving leads to roughening of the skin and the appearance of bristles is a myth refuted by cosmetologists. Moreover, they claim the opposite: the secret to soft skin is shaving. Men, during shaving, actually .... READ MORE

★★★★★ A new method of exfoliating the skin, called Dermaplaning, takes only 20 minutes, and surpasses all known types of peeling in its effectiveness. After just one session, the skin remains fresh for 30 days or more. At first glance, the procedure looks a little s.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Dermaplaning is a salon facial peeling procedure consisting in polishing the upper layers of the epidermis with a special tool. If you plan to “polish” your skin as follows, this information, presented below, will give you a general idea about the procedure: i.... READ MORE

★★★★★ ave you heard that facial skin can be made smooth, even and radiant not with creams and serums, but with a men's razor? .... READ MORE

★★★★★ If you do not know what dermaplaning is, then you do not know how to care for yourself

In pursuit of skin silkiness, I tried many different procedures and tools: peels, scrubs, gels .... READ MORE

★★★★★ It sounds rather strange and unusual, but it turns out that dermaplaning is becoming more and more popular in face care. Not only Asians, but also ordinary girls and famous makeup artists s... READ MORE

★★★★★ Human skin is exposed to the environment and age-related changes.  However, all women want their skin not to lose its smooth texture, and to be without wrinkles. But minor irregularities, scars, and traces of unsuccessful cleansing of acne can spoil the app .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Microdermabrasion Treatment (skin resurfacing or diamond microdermabrasion) is one of the most delicate methods of mechanical face peeling. Microdermabrasion (micro-grinding) or polishing of facial skin is a soft and painless way to get rid o. .... READ MORE

★★★★★ One session lasts about an hour. After the procedure, you need to make a soothing mask. In general, after microdermabrasion, a variety of masks are very useful, because the skin becomes very receptive to cosmetic.... READ MORE

★★★★★ The procedure of diamond microdermabrasion is absolutely painless and does not require time for recovery. At the end of the session, redness and damage are absent. The skin will become soft and velvety. For the best results, 3-5 proce.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Many women have been treated by a cosmetologist for one reason or another of discomfort that they felt when they appeared in front of a mirror. However, whatever course of cosmetic treatment they would take, they were almost always pre.... READ MORE

★★★★★ On average, a course of microdermabrasion consists of 6-10 procedures. But it is important to remember that the interval between manipulations should be at least two weeks, allowing the skin to recover. Since the dermis is updated 1 time in 30 days, the r .... READ MORE

★★★★★ On average, a course of microdermabrasion consists of 6It is almost impossible to avoid age-related changes that lead to a loss of elasticity of the skin on the face. But you can make it so that such changes are subtle or affect you only at an advanced a.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Microdermabrasion is considered to be a gentler effect. The device works superficially to cleanse a layer of skin that is no longer functioning and incapable of renewal..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Face micro-polishing (or microdermabrasion) is gaining popularity and is becoming a leader in non-invasive cosmetic spa treatments. Fans of microdermabrasion explain their passion for this procedure with its high efficiency (noticeable skin r..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Diamond Microdermabrasion of the face is a cosmetic procedure, which is a gentle method of mechanical grinding of the upper layers of the epidermis. Thanks to it, you can visibly rejuvenate the skin, make it more elastic, remove fine wrinkles and enlarged p..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Microdermabrasion is a high-tech mechanical skin peeling. There are several types of this technology, depending on the materials used: microdermabrasion with alumina crystals and diamond grinding. The operation consists of two parallel processes: a n..... READ MORE

★★★★★ To get rid of scars, age spots, narrow enlarged pores, restore freshness and elasticity to the skin try the unique microdermabrasion procedure. Diamond microdermabrasion is a painless exfoliation designed to cleanse and renew the s.... READ MORE

★★★★★ MICRODERMABRASION - PERSONAL EXPERIENCE My favorite salon treatments are those that are associated with exfoliating skin cells. In the autumn-winter period, I take a course of a.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Smooth, healthy skin has been a criterion of female beauty since ancient times. An effective method of removing body hair for a long period of time has been and remains depilation, one of the methods of which is sugaring. .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring or sugar depilation is a way to pull out hair with sugar paste. This method has been known for a very long time; it was used by beauties who lived during the time of Ancient Egypt. In the modern world, this method is also popular . .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring is able to penetrate the hair follicle, due to which the hairs are removed better. In this case, sugaring can be carried out with a minimum hair length of 3/4 inches. Sugaring is a .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring is a sugar depilation. The essence of the procedure is to remove excess growth using a caramel layer. Sugar paste is applied only against hair growth and breaks down - by growth. This allows you to stop the risk of injury to the skin... READ MORE

★★★★★ You do not need to take anything special with you. We have sheets, napkins, gloves.

In summer, you can take a set of clothes to change into (after depilation, t... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring is a method of combating excess growth with caramel. This procedure is a type of bio epilation. The principle of sugaring is similar to the principle of wax depilation. In this case, sugar depilation has the effect of peeling.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring is a hair removal procedure using sugar paste. The essence of the procedure is similar to the principle of waxing. But wax does not have a peeling effect, and sugar paste does, and has a beneficial effect on the skin..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Many women think that sugaring hurts. It is the presence of pain that bothers most women who have agreed to the sugaring procedure. Pain is the main factor that explains the reluctance of women to get rid of hair through sugaring...... READ MORE

★★★★★ To adequately assess whether waxing or sugaring is better is rather difficult. The effectiveness of waxing is higher due to the result after the first application of the hot composition. Due to the higher aggressiveness of the proce.... READ MORE

★★★★★ The procedure of hair removal is often accompanied by pain. The severity depends on the method of hair removal and the pain threshold. In such cases, before the procedure, you can purchase p.... READ MORE

★★★★★ In order for sugaring to be carried out quickly and effectively, appropriate preparation for the procedure by the client is necessary. Reduction of pain also depends on the quality of prepping..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Often, women choose sugaring to remove unwanted hair on the body and face. The procedure involves applying sugar paste to the area of the hairline and its subsequent removal. The effectiveness of hair removal largely depends on the how the p.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring is a fairly popular procedure. You can easily remove unwanted hair on any part of the body with sugar. The deep bikini zone is no ex..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Of all the existing types of hair removal, sugaring the bikini area is considered one of the safest. The method allows almost painless liquidation of unwanted hair growth in the i..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring a Brazilian bikini zone is a delicate cosmetic procedure that saves the female sex from the problem of having unwanted hair on the body. Every girl wants to have a perfect appearance, and this applies to even the most intimate areas of the body..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring faces in women is a popular technique to get rid of unwanted hair. It lets you solve some aesthetic issues at the same time. Sugaring fights with ingrown hairs, exfoliates dead particles and g .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring faces in women is a popular technique to get rid of unwanted hair. It lets you solve some aesthetic issues at the same time. Sugaring fights with ingrown hairs, exfoliates dead particles and g .... READ MORE

★★★★★ On average, before sugaring, you do not need to shave your legs for 7-10 days. But much depends on the individual characteristics of the body: for some, the desired hair length is reached after 2 w .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Do you want to do Brazilian depilation of intimate zones with the help of sugaring, but do not know what to expect? Perhaps it is hard to fathom, it may not be entirely clear, at best. .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Perhaps you have completely eliminated sugar from your diet (which only affects your figure). However, this does not mean that in your search for beauty there is no place for this product, which can also b... READ MORE

★★★★★ Despite the fact that waxing today has become one of the most popular methods for hair removal almost everywhere, other methods have also gained considerable popularity in the modern b... READ MORE

★★★★★ Today we’ll talk in more detail about the features and secrets of sugaring different areas of the face. You will also learn about such a cosmetic novelty as eyebrow correction with sugar p... READ MORE

★★★★★ I did not read about the sugaring of the bikini zone, probably because I am lazy. But not everyone knows that sugar hair removal is so universal that it can be used on almost any part of the body, including the most sensitive. Brazilian Bikini Sugaring as w... READ MORE

★★★★★ Sugaring, unlike wax depilation, is a less painful and gentle method for removing hair.  The duration of the effect depends on many factors, but if you follow the recommendations on the technique of the treatment and skin care, you can achieve a s.... READ MORE

★★★★★ The choice of high-quality paste, a well-developed technique and a steady hand - all this, of course, is important for successful hair removal with sugaring. But another important point is the length of the hair in the area of ​​the body that is to be t.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Hair in different parts of the body has its own characteristics - the level of follicle bedding, speed and direction of growth. You can focus on the recommended parameter of 1/2 inch, but for an ideal result, it is better to know how long the hair s.... READ MORE

★★★★★ After a thorough analysis of the method, 6 significant advantages can be distinguished - the reasons why it is worth falling in love with sugaring. We will analyze each in more d... READ MORE

★★★★★ Removing unwanted body hair is not a pleasant procedure. But this is not the case when it comes to sugaring. The secrets of the beauty of the skin of oriental beauties several years ago were adopted by European cosmetologists.... READ MORE

★★★★★ RDepilation has long gathered a large army of fans around the world. Sugar paste removal of unwanted hairs is a popular trend in beauty salons. However, any cosmetic procedure is not without contr.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands resulting from their blockage and increased production of sebum. Only a person who has faced this problem themselves knows how difficult it is to deal with this skin disease. And without the help of a competent cosmetologist, y.... READ MORE

★★★★★ HydraFacial is a complex skin care hardware procedure that is used as a supplementary method for the treatment of acne. HydraFacial, or hydro-peeling, is a type of gentle, slightly traumatic cleansing of the skin, which includes exfoliation and m.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Get rid of most pimples and acne in one treatment. Sign up for a facial cleansing Acne Treatment in our SPA - after just one procedure, your skin will look more healthy, fresh, and smooth. .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Acne is a source of psychological distress for many people, not only in their teens. Unaesthetic and often painful acne most often occurs on the face, in the upper chest and back .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Various methods of treatment can be used to treat acne. In addition to medicines, folk remedies, progressive techniques are used. They are very effective and can help to cope with various s .... READ MORE

★★★★★ ANNAZUR Organic Beauty SPA offers effective treatments for acne. We have a modern innovative and medically sound approach to help clients with acne, regardless of age and c .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Acne is successfully treated with LEDs. This treatment method is an alternative to drug treatment, as remission of the disease can be achieved through the effects of various forms of light on bacteria, sebaceous glands, and inflammatory processes .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Ultrasonic cleaning helps to enhance skin tone, since the waves have a stimulating effect on the natural synthesis of elastin and collagen. In addition, after this treatment, cosmetic and medicinal products applied to the skin are more readily a ... READ MORE

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Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands due to blockage of the excretory ducts, as a result of which pus accumulates in the skin tissues. This process leads to the appearance of white, red, o .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Microneedling is a procedure in which, after applying nutritional serums with a special tool, many punctures of the surface of the skin of the face or body are made. The active ingredients in the “cocktail” penetrate through the left punctures, which leads to the activation of recovery processes (t .... READ MORE


The use of a special device reduces the pain experienced during the procedure to zero.

Penetration and absorption of substances by the skin improves si ... READ MORE

★★★★★ Microneedling is a more effective, safe, and less painful cosmetology procedure than needle mesotherapy. Its principle lies in the creation of many micro-punctures on the skin with thin needles using special devices called dermapens, thanks to which the active components of therapeutic drugs penetrate b ..... READ MORE

★★★★★ The procedure affects the skin using the finest needles placed on a special device or dermapen. Thanks to it, the epidermis undergoes intense mechanical stimulation, which contributes to enhanced collagen production. When preliminary applying professional ..... READ MORE

★★★★★ Microneedling is the latest “breakthrough” technique in skincare. This cosmetic procedure, aimed at improving the condition of the skin, consists in applying multiple injections with thin needles to the upper layers of the epidermis using a special device or dermapen. Micro-punctures cause .... READ MORE

★★★★★ The microneedling procedure has long been practiced by leading world skincare specialists as an extremely effective minimally invasive hardware medical cosmetic procedure. Thanks to the special device ANNAZUR Organic Beauty SPA manages to work out the most sensitive a .... READ MORE

★★★★★ During the microneedling procedure, biologically active substances penetrate the skin through the holes left by the dermapen. Everyone knows that our skin is an obstacle to the passage of active substances from cosmetic formulas. Therefore, it needs transporters that can carry active substances into t .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Massage with rollers and crystal scrapers is becoming more and more popular. The latter are the tools for the ancient oriental technique of deep drainage facial mas.... READ MORE

★★★★★ The purpose of this system is to remove all unnecessary and hazardous waste for humans, such as viruses, toxins and cell debris that have.... READ MORE

Benefits of Gua Sha Facial Massage

★★★★★ A similar effect restores the microcirculation of lymph and blood in the vessels and capillaries, which leads to: increased self-regeneration of the skin,

improving metabolic processes in tissues,

soft lymphatic drainage.... READ MORE

★★★★★ In order not to lose beauty and attractiveness with age, the skin of the face must be regularly and carefully looked after. The use of cosmetics and specialize.... READ MORE

★★★★★ There are three options for waxing, depending on the temperature of the wax. Hot, warm, or cold wax may be used. All varieties have advantages and disadvantages, as well as their mode of application. H .... READ MORE

★★★★★ The Microblading procedure begins with a consultation and the selection of the best technique. The Microblading specialist finds out the client’s preferences, then determines the type of skin: thickness, quality, sensitivity. An important part o .... READ MORE

★★★★★ 1. What will happen to the eyelashes after removal? Your eyelashes will not deteriorate, and we guarantee this! Because the condition of native eyelashes after extension directly depends on the quality of work. It is important not to make m.... READ MORE

★★★★★ Before contacting the esthetician, many are concerned about the duration, the presence of contraindications, safety and other issues regarding the eyelash extension procedure. In this section, we have tried to collect questions and answers f.... READ MORE

★★★★★ ANNAZUR ORGANIC BEAUTY SPA is a look design spa, we specialize in eyelash extensions, as well as additional services for tinting and eyebrow shaping.

We do not just glue eyelashes ... we are professionals, we know everything to..... READ MORE


★★★★★ Ideal contour without a pencil and or liner, fresh shades without lipstick, amazing volume - do you dream of such lips? A professionally made tattoo is an opportunity to forget about ordinary cosmetics for several years and at the same time still look amazing...... READ MORE

★★★★★ With the help of permanent makeup, you can visually enlarge the lips, make their color brighter, and the shape clearer, remove asymmetries, imitate lipstick, “hide” scars from herpes or mechanical damage. Its absolute advantage is a truly natural result. .... READ MORE

Lip Blush Tattoo Makeup

Lip Color Permanent Makeup

★★★★★ Lip Permanent makeup, applied by the technique of tattooing, emphasizes the volume of the lips, makes the contours clear, and the natural color more saturated. Permanent lip make-up must only be done by a specialist with license and edu. .... READ MORE

★★★★★ Juicy, sensual lips are a real gift, which, unfortunately, not every woman gets. What can be done if the lips are far from ideal? Make-up daily? Resort to injections and plastic surgery? .... READ MORE

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Y'all. Okay first time sugaring, first time really anything on my body hair being removed by my eyebrows. Absolutely amazing. Now I know everyone's pain tolerance is different. Esthetician warmed me that it would be uncomfortable, that she would take it as slow as I needed to. We powered through it. She checked on me consistently asking if I was okay. Made sure I knew what I was getting myself into. We talked the whole time, WHICH REALLY HELPED, and at the end she was done and told me about aftercare. I HIGHLY recommend this place. I know I'm going to keep going back.


I had a dermaplaning and facial done and it was amazing! I have peach fuzz on my face and was always worried about my sensitive skin with waxing and at home hair removals. She explained everything to me and how my face could react the next couple of days after dermaplaning. I had some redness but a majoruty of it calmed down after 30 minutes. Definitely recommend her!


Great service! I loved the whole experience! I will be back again!


I had a wonderful experience here! The last facial I had was at a luxury spa in Paris.

My facial at ANNAZUR was just as amazing, if not better! I felt very relaxed during my treatment. The spa is so clean, it smells wonderful and is very peaceful and quiet.

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